Whatever your project there is a solution to fit.

Digital cameras and recording equipment come in such a wide range of shapes and sizes (and budgets) that there is a method of recording time lapse film and video to suit virtually every application. From events like festivals and exhibitions, to long term construction projects and installations.

High quality footage can be achieved with high end SLR camera recording. This is perfect for broadcast, HD or 4K reproduction. Most suitable for short term installations where quality is all important.

Long term installations that may be outdoors, in remote locations or even require an independent power supply, can be fulfilled by robust IP cameras. Similar in style to CCTV cameras you may see in towns and cities, but with a much higher resolution. These can be supplied on their own tower structures, with solar power generators, and can even send images via email as the project develops.

For mid length projects that will mostly be used for viewing on the internet, small and unobtrusive time lapse cameras can be installed in virtually any location. From HD quality web cams to robust and waterproof Go Pro HD cameras, there’s a solution that will provide the perfect fit.

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