Zombies – high speed time lapse board game

A really fun board game, that involves creating the game board as you play, seemed the perfect candidate for a timelapse video. This one is shot on a Canon EOS 7D using the canon timed exposure utility. Unfortunately the camera felt the need to try and readjust it’s focus every now and again, which results in some jumping in the frame, but all in all very pleasing.

Major Excavation Time Lapse photo shoot

This is a major excavation to join up two ends of a road bypass. The process involved closing a road bridge over the excavation and therefore had to be completed in 24 hours. Each truck load is around 10 tonnes of earth.
This was shot using an EOS 300D and granite bay software, somewhere near Peterborough

The Road Menders Time lapse Video

Just a quick glimpse of something happening outside my window. A timelapse video shot using Granite Bay software with an EOS 300D SLR camera at one frame every ten seconds – gives a really nice high resolution image – which was imported in Adobe Premiere CS4, in HDTV mode. Given some frame blending and a bit of a time stretch to achieve a nice smooth time lapse video.