Welcome to Time Lapse Photo, this site is all about really cool time-lapse photography, film and video.

There are two different aspects to what we consider to be ‘time-lapse’. In the photography world, we might think of long exposure photographs, where one still image records motion over a period of time.

When we think of film and video, it is the opposite; we consider time-lapse recording to be a video capture of a long period of time, played back very quickly.

Time-lapse film and video can be an excellent method of showing a process that takes a long time to complete, like construction work, or a natural event. We can use high quality digital SLR cameras controlled by software to capture superb quality images over long periods of time.

If you have a project that requires some time-lapse photography or video capture, why not contact an expert for advice; Nick Stragnell will be happy to help and advise, email nick: nstragnell@gmail.com

Or give him a call on: 07800 551 648