A Quick Coffee Break

Testing out the new Brinno TLC200 Pro time-lapse camera. A relatively inexpensive HDR (High Dynamic Range) time-lapse camera.

The TLC200 Pro is extremely easy to use, but does have some interesting settings you can play with. The main difference between this came and most other time-lapse solutions, (apart from the price – the Brinno comes in at a little under £200) is that this camera will process the still frames into a compiled HD AVI file, ready for playback – or upload to YouTube etc.

Most other solutions will capture a series of still images, and then it’s up to you to use some software to stitch everything together into your finished time-lapse file. Now professional photographers won’t go for this solution, because we like to get our hands dirty with all those image assets.

But for a whole load of users, and a lot of situations, the Brinno is perfect – the HDR feature really helps, bringing elements into range that would have been too dark, or burnt out, with other low cost cameras. So ideal for short outdoor events – it will run from 4 x AA batteries very happily for a very long time.

There’s plenty of scope in the settings, so if you buy the additional weather proof housing, you could leave it ticking away capturing a building site or similar for a number of months.<Ad:wedding dresses 2016>

I’ve tried a night time star field capture – but that was a bit rubbish, and no where near the quality from a decent SLR – so perhaps not for that. But otherwise, I’m pretty happy with it.